In-Home Services

Personal Care services provide personal assistance, stand-by-assistance, supervision or cues for persons with the inability to perform one or more of the following activities of daily living: eating, dressing, bathing, toileting, grooming, transferring in and out of bed/chair or walking.

Components to be provided to the client in response to established need. The plan must be developed prior to service commencement by the service provider with involvement from the client or authorized representative or family member to the greatest extent possible. When “client” is used throughout the standards, it can also mean authorized representative or family member, as deemed appropriate by the agency and/or the client. The client shall be afforded the opportunity by the service provider to participant in the implementation and evaluation of the plan. The plan may be modified to reflect any change in the client’s needs. Each plan shall include:

  • identified service needs
  • services to be delivered by the service provider and/or by other sources
  • goal(s) and objective(s) of service(s) to be provided
  • service units to be provided

Service activities provided by the provider agency may include:

  • assisting with care of teeth and mouth
  • assisting with grooming, to include care of hair, shaving, and ordinary care of nails
  • assisting with bathing of individual in bed, in tub, or shower, or sponge bath
  • assisting individual with dressing and undressing
  • assisting individual to move on/off bed pan, commode or toilet
  • assisting individual to turn/change position, transfer, and ambulate
  • assisting individual with eating or feeding
  • assisting individual with self-administered medications and assuring that individual
  • receives medications at prescribed times; not to include pouring or, in any way,
  • determining dosage of medication
  • preparing/serving meals, not to include menu planning for special diets

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