VICAP Insurance Counseling

This is Serious!

The Senate Appropriations Committee has put absolutely no money in next year’s federal budget for insurance counseling (the funding for SHIP nationwide and in Virginia VICAP).   The House Appropriations Committee will be meeting between now and July 14.  If they put in no money for SHIP in their budget going forward, the insurance counseling program across the nation will end.


Schedule a VICAP consulation

Open Enrollment for Medicare Part D just ended on December 7, but VICAP’s certified Insurance Counselors are available to help all year long.  Call 540 635-7141 ext. 1015 to ask a question or schedule a consultation by phone or in-person.

Remember too, VICAP staff are also available to do presentations for church and community meetings on Medicare coverage and benefits.

If you are going to be eligible for Medicare within 3-months, you’ll be inundated with insurance offers.  Make a VICAP appointment to go over your options so you’ll have clear concise information to help you make your best decision on coverage.

There are many situations where Medicare can help throughout the year, for example:

  • If you’ve recently moved to our area
  • If you’ve lost or are about to lose your current coverage
  • If you have a billing/payment issue with Medicare
  • If you have difficulty paying for prescriptions

Feel free to contact the VICAP Office any time you need some help with a Medicare issue.

Pictured below VICAP Counselor Nancy Reed meets with a couple who recently retired and moved to the Winchester area from California necessitating changes in their insurance coverage.

VICAP Nancy Counseling