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Welcome to SAAA!

The Shenandoah Area Agency on Aging (SAAA) is a non-profit organization that provides high quality services and opportunities that enhance the dignity and independence of seniors and promote their contributions to the community.

Agency services are designed to assist older persons who wish to stay in their own homes, to provide information for seniors and their families, to protect individuals living in long term care residences, and to facilitate staying active and provide community service.

Join SAAA in one or more of the many activities this month. You may even meet Linda Holtzapple, SAAA’s Executive Director, when she stops by the Senior Centers regularly.

Click on the links for Services and the Senior Center in your county to view the special activities and menu at each Center. Check out Upcoming Events in a blue box on the right for meetings including Board and Advisory Council. Also be sure you check out all of SAAA’s service to support seniors and caregivers.

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Sandi Kirkland Memorial Bowlathon Raises $4,328 to complete the over $60,000 needed to purchase one new 15-passenger wheelchair accessible van to add to the Senior Center/Meals on Wheels fleet. 



SAAA Receives a Most Generous Gift from American Woodmark

SAAA was faced with replacing an outdated and failing computer server (over a decade old) in its main office plus updating software and some computers at the Senior Centers as well as the main office. Turning to the community for help, SAAA approached American Woodmark Foundation (AWF) requesting 25% of the total update cost.

On August 15, Brenda Dupont, AWF Chair presented Linda Holtzapple, SAAA Executive Director, with a wonderful surprise – a generous check for 50% of the total cost ensuring that SAAA can purchase the much needed server six-months earlier than expected. Shown L-R in the photo are SAAA Staff Roberta Lauder and Bob Haas, AWF Committee Members: Denny Baker, Christy Foltz and Sandra Mahoney.

Thanks to everyone at American Woodmark for their incredible community support.


Fraud Alert

A telephone scam in which crooks alter caller ID to make it seem as if the call is coming from the HHS OIG Hotline 1-800-HHS-TIPS (1-800-447-8477) to get beneficiaries and members of the public to verify or share personal info which is used to victimize them via financial and other crimes – draining their bank accounts.

OIG wants the public to know that HHS OIG will not use the HHS OIG Hotline telephone number to make outgoing calls and individuals should not answer calls from 1-800-HHS-TIPS (1-800-447-8477).

It is important to know that HHS OIG will not use the HHS OIG Hotline telephone number to make outgoing calls and individuals should not answer calls from 1-800-HHS-TIPS (1-800-447-8477). We encourage the public to remain vigilant, protect their personal information, and guard against providing personal information during calls that purport to be from the HHS OIG Hotline telephone number.

We also remind the public that it is still safe to call into the HHS OIG Hotline to report fraud. We particularly encourage those who believe they may have been a victim of the telephone spoofing scam to report that information to us through the HHS OIG Hotline 1-800-HHS-TIPS (1-800-447-8477) or Individuals may also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357).

Also – here’s the link to OIG’s Consumer Alerts:


Medicare Can Be Confusing

Get Unbiased Information from a Certified Insurance Counselor with the Shenandoah Area Agency on Aging

Medicare’s Open Enrollment for Part D Prescription Coverage has begun.  This means you should check your current plan very soon to see if it is still your best option.  After a recent consultation, one individual already knows he will be saving over $200 a month between the lower cost of his new Part D plan and the lower cost of his prescriptions for 2020.

Open enrollment ends December 7 so now is the time to check on your situation.  Remember that insurance plans can change premiums as well as the cost of prescriptions and even if they will continue to cover certain drugs.  Please check out your prescription coverage options, and then you can rest easy knowing what is coming.  Who knows, maybe you will even save money next year.

Contact Scott Terndrup, VICAP Specialist at 540-551-5615 if you have questions or would like to schedule a one-on-one meeting. There is no charge for this service but donations are important in helping SAAA provide this service.

Remember too that during the rest of the year, VICAP Counselors are also available to do presentations for church and community meetings on Medicare coverage and benefits.

Click here to check out the VICAP page for additional information.


Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP)

Through SAAA, speakers are available on the fascinating and important topic of Preventing Medicare Fraud & Abuse. As a subgrantee of the Virginia SMP program, SAAA recruits volunteers to help educate local beneficiaries and prevent health care fraud in our communities. The SMP State Office trains volunteers to help or provide group education and community outreach and information about detecting and reporting suspected fraud.

Click here to visit the Virginia Medicare Senior Patrol website.

Contact SAAA’s Insurance Specialist Scott Terndrup at 540 551-5615 for information on scheduling a free speaker for an upcoming church or club meeting or for more information about becoming a Volunteer Community Representative for SMP in the counties of Page, Shenandoah, Warren, Frederick Clarke or the city of Winchester.

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